Best New Sports Watch Of 2020: Coros Pace 2

Best New Sports Watch Of 2020: Coros Pace 2

Coach Fitness Tracker Awards 2020 – Best Sports Watch: Coros Pace 2

The launch of the original Pace watch announced Coros’s arrival, offering better value than equivalent Garmin and Polar devices.

With the Pace 2, Coros has changed the face of the entire sports watch market. It’s just £180 for a multisport watch with triathlon mode and 30 hours of GPS battery life, plus exceptional connectivity to other devices via both ANT+ and Bluetooth. The Pace 2 also offers customisable structured workouts, and some basic training insights like VO2 max estimates and an overall rating of the effectiveness of your training load. It’s a very light and small device too, especially given the size of the battery it’s packing.

It’s the kind of feature set we’d expect on a £300 watch – breadcrumb navigation is the only other feature we’d expect at that price point. When you consider that Garmin’s cheapest triathlon watch is £450 (in its current range; older models are cheaper), it really highlights the value offered by the Pace 2. If you’re a runner or a triathlete on a tight budget looking for a reliable core tracking experience, plus a long battery life, it’s the clear pick.